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Late-War Luftwaffe Fighter Camouflage

Part Nine

RLM Colour Representations

by Helmut Latoschinski


Part Nine of "Late-War Luftwaffe Fighter Camouflage" demonstrates the variety of colours in the RLM range of paint shades.

The accompanying images should not be relied upon as an actual match for RLM colours due to a combination of processes and settings on your computer screen or printer. These variables include your video card, your monitor settings and the type and configuration of your printer.

In fact, the limitations of printing in process colours means that the exact tones of Luftwaffe colours cannot even be reproduced accurately in a conventional book. The only accurate way to present these colours is using paint samples.

RLM paint samples may be found in "The Monogram Painting Guide to German Aircraft" by Merrick and Hitchcock; or the more widely available ( and far less expensive) "Luftwaffe Color Chart" as reviewed elsewhere on HyperScale.

It is also essential to remember that the actual appearance of these colours on aircraft varied widely due to weathering, damage, a variety of thinning media and different methods of application.

Nevertheless, these Tables provide a valuable insight into the general nature of, and relationships between, RLM colours. Modellers wishing to cross-reference the colours against FS numbers or model paints may wish to refer to Part One and Part Six of this Series. A full Index to the Series is provided at the bottom of the page.

Table One - RLM Colours (Small Samples)



RLM01 Silber

RLM65 Hellblau

RLM79 Sandbraun

RLM02 Grau

RLM66 Schwarzgrau

RLM79 Sandgelb

RLM04 Dunkelgelb

RLM70 Schwarzgrün

RLM80 Olivgrün

RLM21 Weiss

RLM71 Dunkelgrün

RLM81 Braunviolett

RLM22 Schwarz

RLM74 Grüngrau

RLM82 Hellgrün (Lichtgrün)

RLM23 Rot

RLM75 Grauviolett

RLM83 Dunkelgrün

RLM24 Dunkelblau

RLM76 Lichtblau

Graublau (sometimes erroneously referred to as "RLM 84")
RLM27 Hellgelb

RLM77 Hellgrau




Table Two - Selected RLM Colours (Large)


RLM76 Lichtblau (Weissblau)


Lichtgrün (Hellgrün) RLM82

(sometimes erroneously referred to as "RLM 84")


Dunkelgrün RLM83

RLM65 Hellblau


Braunviolett RLM81

RLM 77 Hellgrau (Primer)


Olivgrün RLM80

RLM74 Grüngrau


Dunkelgrün RLM71

RLM75 Grauviolett


Schwarzgrün RLM70



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Images Copyright © 1999 by Helmut Latoschinski
Introduction Copyright © 1999 by Brett Green
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