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Late-War Bf 109G/K in Detail

Part Three

Photographs and Descriptions by David Lake


Messerschmitt Bf 109G-10
at United States Air Force Museum, Dayton, Ohio


Part Three of "Messerschmitt Bf 109G/K in Detail" takes a look at some more details of the airframe including undercarriage bays, oil cooler, radiators and more

David Lake's photographs throw further light on this interesting subject.

For background information and more images, go back to Part One and Part Two




The USAF Museum currently has on display one of the recently restored Bf 109 G-10s.  Without delving into the ongoing controversy over the markings the aircraft is painted in, the restoration is very well done and the level of finish is outstanding.  The aircraft if prominently displayed in the World War Two gallery and is situated in a manner that gives excellent access.  Much of the detail is also applicable to the K-4 series.  

A general note to those who have not visited the AF Museum before, the lighting is atrocious.  Bring a good flash and lots of batteries!



T h e   P i c t o r i a l  ( P a r t   T h r e e ) . . .



Photo 02: 

This is a general view from the left quarter.


Photo 03:  

Note the shapes of the refined cowling and the way the panel over hangs behind the exhausts.  Also note the dual manufacturer’s plates which usually denotes a recycled or rebuilt airframe.  Note the ribbing detail inside the radiator flap panel.


Photo 04:  

Note again the over hang behind the exhaust.  Also the very slight rib on the intake horn and the weld lines on the exhaust stacks.


Photo 05:  

Note the shape of the gun trough and the barrel cut out as well as the shape of the refined cowl panel.


Photo 06:  

Note the shapes of the curves on the cowl and fairing.  Also the drain just behind the spinner and the drain tube in the oil cooler intake.   


Photo 07:  

Again note the shapes of the refined cowl and the various drain tubes


Photo 08: 

Note the bump and panel line under the nose and the VDM metallic prop replete with tipping strip on the leading edge. (Note, the rectangular sticker is a curatorial label not an original VDM marking.)  


Photo 09:  

Note the suspension system and connectors for the drop tank and lack of a fairing.  Also note the routing of the flexible brake line at the top of the landing gear leg and the actuator rod inside the wing radiator intake.  Note also the reinforcing strip over the wing root joint on the upper surface of the wing.


Photo 10 & 11: 

Note snap in and laced wheel well liner as well as the rub strip over the outboard edge of the wheel well. Also the cut out in the top of the wheel well to provide clearance for the wider tire and wheel fitted to the G-10 and K-4.



Photo 12: 

Note the routing of the brake line as well the suspension of the drop tank without the rack fairing. 


Photo 13: 

Note the various drains, drop tank suspension and the wing nut hold downs on the drop tank filler cap.  


Photo 14: 

Left side of the tail assembly. Note the fixed and movable trim tabs as well as the navigation light in the trailing edge of the rudder. Also note the white wall tail wheel denoting a grounded tire.  


Photo 15:  Right side of the tail assembly.  Note the bullet fairing under the horizontal tail that was removed on most K-4s.  Also note the torque tube actuator leading to the movable trim tab.  Also the lift tube in the fuselage.


Images and Text Copyright © 1998 by David Lake

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