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Late-War Bf 109G/K in Detail

Part Two

Cowl Bulges for DB 605AS series & D Powered Bf 109s

Photographs via David Lake
Descriptions by Brett Green


bf109dl_2.jpg (63452 bytes)

Messerschmitt Bf 109G-10
under restoration at Ft. Collins for the Evergreen Education Facility
Photo: Copyright 1998 Evergreen Education Facility
and David Lake


Part Two of "Messerschmitt Bf 109G/K in Detail" remains focussed on the contentious area of the conformal bulge.

David Lake's photographs throw further light on this interesting subject.

For background information and more images, go back to Part One.

T h e   P i c t o r i a l  ( P a r t   T w o ) . . .


Image 1: Starboard Engine Mount

This image shows the starboard engine mount in place. Note the relatively flat profile of the top of the starboard side engine bearer.

Other interesting details include the prominent casting mark on the exhaust stacks, the plumbing and the rearward opening hatch at the bottom of the fuselage.

bf109dl_1.jpg (46535 bytes)


Image 2: Port Side Engine Bearer

Now this is why the cowl is asymmetrical!

Note the very high profile of top of the port side engine bearer. Compare this to the previous photograph. The starboard side bearer can just be made out in this photo, almost hidden behind the MG feed.

This photo also has some good detail of the Revi gunsight, the control column and cockpit instruments.

The cockpit is painted a very attractive but wildly inaccurate shade of gloss light blue!

bf109dl_2.jpg (63452 bytes)


Image 3: Port Side Fuselage Fairing

Detail shot of the port side fairing.

Note flush-rivet detail and panel lines.

bf109dl_3.jpg (49448 bytes)


Image 4: Port Side Engine Bearer

The Port Side bearer has to make a pretty significant journey around the supercharger, as illustrated by this photograph.

The supercharger intake is covered while the aircraft is being rebuilt.

We also have an excellent view of the ammunition feed for the MG 131 Cowl Guns.

bf109dl_4.jpg (44311 bytes)


Image 5: Upper Cowl

Even though the cowl is slightly splayed, it can clearly be seen that the front of the cowl is symmetrical and the rear is most definately not!

bf109dl_6.jpg (40005 bytes)


Image 6: LowerCowl

The lower cowl is photographed upside-down with the front of the cowl at the bottom of the photograph.

This G-10 is equipped with the deep radiator. Later G-10s had a shallower, but wider radiator.

The oval-shaped bumps can also be clearly seen. These are required for additional clearance for the bigger cylinder head covers.



bf109dl_7.jpg (35688 bytes)


HyperScale visitors interested in the colours, markings and origins of another late-war Bf 109 may wish to see the "Late-War Luftwaffe Fighter Camouflage" series on this site. Part One examines the origins and colours of Bf 109G-6 werknummer 163824, at the Treloar Technology Centre of the Australian War Memorial.


R e f e r e n c e s


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Mermet, Jean-Claude, date and ISBN not quoted. "Les Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-1 a K-4 - Moteurs et Amenagements". Self Published by the Author.

Evergreen Education Facility Web Site - historical background on Wnr 610937


Photographs Copyright 1998 by Evergreen Education Facility and David Lake
Text Copyright 1998 by Brett Green

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