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2005 New Zealand Airshow
Warbirds Over Omaka

by Paul Blondell


Sopwith Camel
at Warbirds Over Omaka 2005


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Here is a selection of photos from the Warbirds Over Omaka airshow held recently in New Zealand.

The pilot flying Richthofen's Triplane was carrying the scarf taken from the Baron when he was shot down.
It is now part of Peter Jackson's (LOTR director) collection.


The Pfalz was used in the Blue Max movie and has been restored with the original movie paint scheme. Apparently this scheme is totally wrong for the aircraft.


Photos were all taken on a Nikon D70 with a 300mm 2.8 lens.


Warbirds Over Omaka Close-Up


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Text and Images Copyright 2005 by Paul Blondell
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Last updated 03 April, 2005

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