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F-86 Sabres
of the Turkish Air Force

Part One

by A.Cagri Acikgoz


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Below is a reference profile of a Turkish Air Force (TuAF) F-86 Sabre.


About TuAF F-86 Sabres

The third jet aircraft type to serve in the TuAf was the F-86E (actually Canadair Sabre Mk.2) A total of 107 aircraft were delivered to Turkey. Service period was between 1954 and 1968.

User units of the F-86 were 141, 142 and 143 Squadrons at the 4th AFB located in Akinci (Mürted), near the Turkish capital city of Ankara.

As you will note in the drawings, nose and lightning colors depends on user squadrons. The example in the drawings belongs to 141st Squadron, with red nose and lightning bolts. 142nd Squadron has yellow and 143rd Squadron has Blue noses and lightning.

The aircraft are finished in natural metal with neutral grey fin tip.

Detailed information and photos of the real aircrafts can be found at my web site about the TuAF, http://turkhavakuvvetleri.tripod.com .

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Turkish Air Force F-86 Part One


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