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TBM-3E Avenger
in Detail

by Cal Cochran


TBM-3E Avenger


A Detailed Photo Walkaround Comprising 52 Images



    Avenger in Detail - Photo Walkaround

        1. Overall Views
        2. Crew Compartment
        3. Turret
        4. Main Undercarriage and Torpedo Bay
        5. Rear Fuselage, Tailwheel and Tail Hook
        6. Wings and Wingfold
        7. Engines and Nacelles

Cal's photographs cover the TBM-3E Avenger owned by the Confederate Air Force, Rocky Mountain Ghost Squadron, Grand Junction, Colorado Wing.


Avenger in Detail


Click on the Thumbnails to enlarge images.
All photos and captions Copyright 1999 Cal Cochran.


1. Overall Views

Photo 1: TBM-3E flyby, Aspen Air Show, July '90.

Photo 2: TBM-3E from stbd, front qtr.
Photo 3: TBM-3E taxiing, port profile, Sept. '97, GJT

Photo 4: TBM-3E taxiing, from front, Aspen, July '90
Photo 5:   TBM-3E taxiing, from front, taxiing with wings folded
Photo 6: TBM-3E taxiing, from aft, wings folded
Photo 7:   TBM-3E taxiing,  port profile, GJT, '91 air show.
Photo 8:  touching down, Aspen, July '90
Photo 9: TBM-3E port profile, wings folded.
Photo 10: TBM-3E from front, port quarter, during restoration - June '85.



2. Crew Compartment

Photo 11 Pilot's cockpit, left sidewall, modernized.
Photo 12: cockpit, right sidewall, stock
Photo 13: pilot's seat, from starboard.
Photo 14: Aft cockpit seat, during restoration
Photo 15: aft cockpit canopy detail, during restoration
Photo 16: turret well (without turret) looking fwd, wide shot.

Photo 17: Interior of aft fuselage, looking fwd, before installation of turret.



3. Turret

Photo 18: turret exterior frame (being restored)
Photo 19: turret interior detail, from left

Photo 20: turret interior details, gun "installed", from left.
Photo 21: turret int. details, gun "installed, from right.
Photo 22: turret int. details without gun, from left.

Photo 23: turret interior details, from front
Photo 24: Starboard exterior of installed & painted turret.



4. Main Undercarriage and Torpedo Bay 

Photo 25: port gear and wheelwell, during restoration
Photo 26: port gear & well, after restoration.
Photo 27: port main wheel, from inboard.

Photo 28: Torp bay, after restoration. (Purpose of red brackets is unknown... possibly for stowing gear when traveling to air shows.)
Photo 29: torp bay during restoration.  GJT, July '88.



5. Rear Fuselage, Tailwheel and Tail Hook 

Photo 30: Tail, hook detail
Photo 31: tailwheel, from stbd.
Photo 32 port, aft fuselage detail, after restoration and paint, May '99
Photo 33: Starboard, aft fuselage detail, during restoration, June '85.



6. Wings and Wingfold

Photo 34: TBM-3E during restoration, from stbd front qtr. June '85
Photo 35: port wingfold & gear leg close-up
Photo 36: stbd wingfold & gear leg close-up



7. Engines and Nacelles 

Photo 37: port engine detail, some cowling panels off, from slightly aft.
Photo 38: same as above, but from slightly forward
Photo 39: starboard engine detail, some panels off of oil tank compartment, during restoration.
Photo 40: stbd engine detail, cowling panels off around cylinder heads, during restoration.
Again, with both of these, note original chromate colors and plumbing.

Photo 41: engine w/o cowling, wingfold, starboard profile.
Photo 42: engine & oil tank, from port

Photo 43: engine, firewall close-up, from stbd front
Photo 44: engine & firewall from stbd front quarter.
Photo 45: same (but without the people)
Photo 46: engine without cowling, from starboard.

Photo 47: engine without cowling, from front.
Photo 48: engine, mount, from starboard
Photo 49: engine, without cowling from stbd profile
Photo 50: engine, w/o cowling, from front

Photo 51: engine w/o cowling, from port
Photo 52: oil tank, firewall detail, from port



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Images and Text Copyright 1999 by Cal Cochran
Page Created 20 October, 1999
Last Updated 17 November, 2004

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