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Mirage IIIS
Part Two

by Richard Maher



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Swiss Mirage Upgrade Program


In 1985, there was a major upgrade program for the Swiss Mirage fleet.

It was a genuine retrofit program undertaken in Switzerland, with the objective to make the Swiss Mirage a more potent aircraft.

The first change was a small add-on called “nosetrack”, except on the IIIR, to improve stability at low speed and landing approach. With that new add-on the Mirages were called Mirage Plus. Next, they contacted IAI (Israel Aircraft Industry) to add canard wings to the aircraft.

They elected  to install a winglet 70% of the size as seen on the Kfir. All Mirages (IIIS-IIIRS-IIIBS- IIIDS) were equipped with that new type of canard wings. This style of winglets did not require any changes to the structure of the airplane.

The modified aircraft was named Mirage IIIS C.70 (canard wing at 70%)  Other items, were new jetisonnable fuel tank, a new RWR (radar warning receiver) and a shafts flares dispenser.

They also were equippedwith a new control stick that have a unique selector for the three kinds of armament carried by the Swiss Mirage (cannon, Falcon and Sidewinder missiles)

In 1983, they ordered two new trainers to replace lost ones. The new ones were 2 Mirages IIIDS



Swiss Mirage Fleet


So the Mirage fleet was as follows:


Mirage IIIBS

  • U-2001 to U-2004 (U-2002 and 03 lost)
  • J-2011 and  J-2012 (New IIIDS)


Mirage IIIRS

18 of them R-2101 to R2118 (One lost 2101, and another one out of service because of a structural fire)


Mirage IIICS

J-2201 put in a museum 


Mirage IIIS

36 of them ...J-2301 to 2336 (7 aircraft lost in accidents no: 2307—10—16—20—23—28—36

So the total number in Swiss service was:

  • 36 Mirage IIIS        
  • 18 Mirage IIIRS
  • 4 Mirage IIBS
  • 2 Mirage IIDS
  • 1 Mirage IIICS

61 aircraft in total.

16 Mirage IIIRS and 2 Mirage IIIDS are still in service.



Swiss Mirage Colors




The colors use on the Mirage were  aluminiun (silver)  for the IIIS and IIIBS and as in use in the French service three tones colors for the IIIRS (Green, grey and light grey.)





The IIIS later low vis colors were: 

  • FS  36375 light grey
  • FS  36320 darker grey (nearest match)

The IIIRS colors were:

  • FS 36176 dark grey
  • FS 34096  dark green
  • FS 36495  light grey (nearest match)

Any correction or information are welcome.





My sources for documentations come mostly from Mag like:

  • Air Fan
  • Zone Air
  • World Airpower Journal
  • Air Action
  • Le Fana de l’Aviation
  • Air Forces Monthly

And more......

And from the books on the Mirage :

  • Dassault Mirage III/5 (Osprey)
  • Mirage The Combat Log


From a Mirage Lover.................................Richard Maher

PS. I am not a specialist, only a modeler and artist  trying to help


My renditions in the article depict the Mirage IIIS and IIIDS in low vis camouflage and the Mirage IIIRS in usual camouflage with the last one in a special livery in 2002


Drawing the Swiss Mirage

Click the thumbnails below to gain an insight about how these images have been created:

Text and Images Copyright © 2003 by Richard Maher
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Last updated 05 February, 2003

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