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Stormbird Rising - Part 1
An Me 262 Takes to the Air

By James Goodall


Messerschmitt Me 262B Reproduction


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On December 20 2002, Wolfgang Czaia, a dear friend and retired American Check Airman for 757/767, took to the air in a newly built Messerschmitt Me262.



This was the very first time since 1946 that an Me262, the worlds first operational jet fighter, has taken flight!

Lift off was at 2:00PM Pacific Standard Time. Take off was to the north on the main Paine Field runway.

After a 35 minute uneventful flight, Wolf landed to the south on the main Paine runway.



Bob Hammer, the man in charge of production, said he was very tense just prior to takeoff, but ready to squeal like a kid with a new toy, he could almost not contain himself when Wolf taxied up to the hangar after a very successful first flight!

A job well done by all!

Congratulations all those involved in the "Me262 Project"


Stormbird Rising


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