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Colors & Markings
of the Hawker Sea Fury
in Royal Canadian Navy Service

Part Seven - Service Markings & What If

by Jennings Heilig


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Canadian Sea Fury Camouflage and Markings


Service Markings and "What Ifs"

The RCN used two basic styles of service identifier on the Sea Fury. Both were to be seen throughout the service life of the aircraft in the RCN, although in later years other styles were also seen.  The size and style of the lettering was fairly consistent, but the way the wording was broken down varied.  This illustration shows the two most commonly seen styles as applied by RCN personnel and Canadian civilian contractors, with the upper one being by far the most common.


The main styles of roundels used on RCN Sea Furies throughout their service lives are illustrated below.



            A:  Royal Navy Type C (Type C1 shown, with RCN maple leaf added)

            B:  Royal Navy Type D (with RCN maple leaf added)

            C:  RCN standard roundel used through mid-1952

            D:  RCN standard roundel used after mid-1952

            E:  RCN standard roundel with a variation of the maple leaf design

                 (one of many subtle variations on the leaf shape)


And just for fun, what if the Hellcat, or even something more potent had won out?




Text & Images Copyright 2007 by Jennings Heilig
Page Created 04 April, 2007
Last Updated 03 April, 2007

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