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Colors & Markings
of the Hawker Sea Fury
in Royal Canadian Navy Service

Part Three - Pattern 2a Illustrations

by Jennings Heilig


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Canadian Sea Fury Camouflage and Markings


Pattern 2a Scheme

Sea Fury FB.11 VW552 as delivered to the RCN in 1949 in the full standard RN scheme, Pattern 2a.  No indication of Canadian ownership.



Sea Fury FB.11 VW552, this time as it appeared in 1950, in service with 803 Squadron.  The markings are as above, with the addition of "ROYAL CANADIAN NAVY" on the aft fuselage (stacked on two lines) above the serial number, plus an RCN fin flash (in this case, 18x20") and squadron codes.  Standard British Type D roundels were retained in six positions.  The style of lettering in the squadron codes is unique - neither British standard nor Canadian, and not seen on any other aircraft.



Sea Fury FB.11 VW571 wearing another variation on Pattern 2a, in service with 883 Squadron in 1950.  As on the aircraft above, full RN markings are retained, but with the addition of RCN maple leaves in the red center spots on the roundels, an 18x18" fin flash, RCN service identifier on the aft fuselage, and squadron codes.



Sea Fury FB.11 VX695 with 883 Squadron in 1950-51 wearing factory-applied standard RCN markings of the period, but with the incorrect RN colors (Pattern 2a).  On the original print of the photo on which the profile is based, there is evidence of overpainting of another aircraft code and of the single-line service identifier, the latter providing evidence of its having had RCN markings applied at the factory with the RN colors.



Text & Images Copyright 2007 by Jennings Heilig
Page Created 27 March, 2007
Last Updated 27 March, 2007

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