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Supermarine Seafire XV

by Geoff McDonell


Supermarine Seafire XV



Supermarine Seafire XV


The Royal Canadian Navy flew a number of Seafire XV aircraft in the post WW2 period as their front line carrier borne fighter aircraft. The Seafire XV was a navalized version of the Spitfire Mk XII, the first of the Griffon engined Spitfires. It should be noted that the RCN stock of Seafires used both the "stinger" type arrestor hook that was hinged off the bottom of the rudder, as well as the belly hook as shown on this example here.



Later replaced by the Hawker Sea Fury, the Seafires were taken out of service and relegated to maintenance instruction airframes as well as firefighting aids! Fortunately, one example of an RCN Seafire has been preserved at HMCS Tecumseh in Calgary, Alberta, and is now part of the Calagary Aerospace Museum. 

These walkaround photos were taken in 1991 while the Seafire was at the Tecumseh facility. 

All photos by Geoff McDonell

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