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British Para Book Index

A Handy One-Stop Index
of Books Relating to British Paratroops

by Ian Sadler and Steve Cox


Title Division Unit Involved 
(if known)
Author Date Published
An Arnhem Odyssey Ist Border Reg Longstone/Taylor 1991
Go to it 6th A?B History 6th   P Harclerode 1990
Arnhem 1944 Ist   Middlebrook 1994
Airborne at War 6th Part Feature Rhine Napier Crookenden  
Dropzone Normandy 6th   Napier Crookenden  
Echoes from Arnhem Ist Royal Signals Lewis Golden 1984
The Devils Birthday   Operation  Market Garden Geoff Powell 1984
Remember Arnhem Ist Airborne Recce John Fairley 1978
Arnhem Lift original   Glider Pilots   1945
Arnhem Lift Reprint ( Revised)   Glider Pilots Hagen 1993
First In   2nd ind Pathfinders Ron Kent 1979
Men at Arnhem Ist 156 Batt Geof Powell 1986
Arnhem Ist   Major RE Urquat 1958
Arnhem Spearhead Ist 2 para J Simms 1978
A Drop to Many Ist   M Gen J Frost 1984 /94
British Airborne troops all   B Gregory 1974
The Glider War   Glider Pilots J E Mrazak 1975
Over the rhine 6th   Brian Jewell 1985
With the 6th Airborne in Normandy 6th   Lt Gen Gale 1948
Three cheers for the next man to Die 6th 12th Batt Devons D Anderson 1993
Sep-44 Ist   A Korthals 1984
Arnhem ( After the Battle)        
Arnhem Special as above        
It Never Snows in Sept Ist German Account R J Kershaw 1990
Red Berets in Normandy 6th   Sir H Weldon 1982
the Paras 50 years of Courage   Daily Star Tribute D Reyonals 1990
The Gliders   Glider pilots Alan Lloyd 1984
A Bridge at Arnhem Ist   C Whiting 1974
Wings of Wind Ist Royal Engineers P Stainforth 1952
The Big Drop 6th 9th Batt John Golley 1982
Horsa Squadron   Glider Pilots Wil Morrison 1988
History of the Glider Pilot Regiment   Glider Pilots Claude Smith 1992
Airborne Carpet Ist   A Farrer Hockley  
Paras Ospery Elite   History of Paras    
British Airborne Forces Squadron   ******    
Pegasus Bridge 6th June 44 6th   S E Ambrose 1985
THE Battle of Arnhem Ist   Cris Hibbert 1962
1944 Le Parit D Arnhem Ist   G Burnage 1980
The Wings of Pegasus   Glider Pilot Reg Brig D Chatterton 1962
Para Uniforms Wessex publishing        
The Glider Soldiers     Alan Wood 1992
The Flying Soldier     Sitek & Blunt 1944
Airborne Forces     Lt Col Otway 1990
The Red Beret   all H G Saunders 1950
Parachute Padre   S.A.S France 44 J Fraser Mc Lusky 1985
Poles Apart Ist Polish G E Cholewceynski 1990
Para     P Harclerode  
Arnhem Osprey Campaign Ist   Stephen Badsey 1993
10 Years Harvest   Arnhem Accounts Ousterbeak Museum 1988
D Day then and now   2 Vol Set After the Battle 1995
The 9th Ist Royal Engineers Tom Purvas 1988
One Night in June   Glider Pilot Reg Kevin Shannon 1994
The Pegasus Patrol Ist C.M.P Turnbull & Hamblett  
6th June 1944     History and Collections  
Arnhem 1944 Ist Ist Batt Border Reg Alan Green 1996
Winged Gunners Ist Royal Artillery R Woollacott 1994
Escape from Arnhem Ist   Leo Heaps 1943
Grey Goose of Arnhem Ist Escapes from Arnhem Leo Heaps 1976
Without Tradition Ist 2 Para R Pleating 1994
When Dragons Flew Ist 1 Batt Border reg S Eastwood 1994
Arnhem Traddedy of Errors Ist   P Harderode 1994
With the Red Breret at Arnhem Ist Polish Marek S'wiecicki 1945
Surgeon At War 6th R.A.M.C. Lt Col J C Watts 1950
All Spirits 6th M.O. 2nd Ox and Bucks John Vaughan 1988
A Bridge to Far Ist   Cornelius Ryan 1976
Arnhem 1944 Ist   Jan Piekalkiewicz 1977
Red Brerets 1944   Hist of Airborne 1944 London ill News 1994
And Maybe a Man 6th Royal Signals Raymond Leeming 1995
Churchills Volunteer Ist Ist Para Batt Reg Curtis 1994
Airborne Equipment     John Weeks 1976
Nothing is Impossible   Glider pilot Victor Miller 1994
With Spanners Desending Ist R.E.M.E. Joe Roberts 1996
Lease of Life Ist Ist Batt Arnhem Andrew Milbourne 1952
Assault from the Sky   All Airborne ops John Weeks  
Assault on the guns of Merville 6th 9th Batt Alan Jefferson 1987
Operation Market Garden Militaria 23 Ist   Yves Buffetant 1997
June 44 La Premier Vague Militaria 12 6th   Yves Buffetant 1998
The Paras   Uniforms Illustrated James Short 1985
Worcs Yeomanary Cavalry 6th 53 rd A.L.L.R. RA Brian R Owen 1982
To Revel in Gods Sunshine Ist R.S.M Lord    
A Teenager at War 6th 9th Para   1994
Return Ticket Ist   A Deanne Rummond 1952
Off at Last Ist   Robert Sigmund 1997
Arnhem The Battle Remembered Ist K.O.S.B Robert Jackson 1994
Airborne Warefare 1918-1941        
Airborne Warefare 1941-1945        
Surgeon at Arms        
Arnhem Sacrifice Ist      
Q Own Worcs Hussars 6th 53 rd A.L.L.R. RA    
British Airborne Jeeps        
British Airborne Jeeps War Est Tables        
Wartime Cheshire     Local history publication  
Cloud over Arnhem Ist   K A Terhorst 1993
Not Many of us Left   Glider Pilot Hugh Carling 1998
Descent into Conflict 6th 225 Field Amb D H Clarke 1995
Pegasus Bridge 6th   Historica  
The Silken Canopy Ist 2nd batt Major V Dover 1979
A Tour of Arnhem Battlefield     John Waddy 1998
Tommy Vol 1 Airborne uniforms        
Silent Invader G.P.   A Morrison 1999
Salute to the Steadfast 6th 151/156 Para Bn H Bankhead 1998
Devils Own Luck Pegasus Bridge 6th      
Battleground Europa P Bridge        
King and Country Para Uniforms        
Capture at Arnhem Ist R.E.M.E. H Roberts 1999
Gunners at Arnhem Ist R.A. P Wilkinson 1999
Red Beret and Red Cross Ist Medical N Cherry 1999
Wings of an Army     T Stanhope Sprigg 1944
By Air into Battle     H.M.S.O 1945
Dawn of D Day     David Howarth 1959
On Wings Of Healing   Airborne R.A.M.C. L Col Howard Cole 1963
Airborne operation     Salamanda publication  
British Parachute Forces 1940-45     Howard P Davies 1974
Militaria Mag Ed 12        
Militaria Mad Ed 23        
After the Battle Magazines        
Editions No1        
No 5 R Todd        
No 58 Theirs is the Glory        
No 68 Merville Batt        
No 74 The Para and his Dog        
D Day     Duncan Anderson 1993
D Day     Tiger publications 1993
D Day Operation Overlord     Salamanda Publication 1993

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