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Panther Ausf. D

By Robert Bracken


Panther Ausf. D
Meppen Dump


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Here is a photograph of a Panther Ausf. D at Meppen dump, taken by Robert Bracken's father who was in the 23rd Field Company Engineers, RCE, in North Western Europe during WWII.

The variant is obvious by the "dustbin" commander's cupola and the slim flap for the machine gun port in the glacis plate. It is interesting to note that this early model Panther seems to have avoided ever receiving a coat of Zimmerit.

The number "534" is roughly painted on the turret side and outlined in white. The digits may be black or red. The turret cross appears to have a dark interior, but note the widely spaced white balkenkreuz near the headlight on the front armour plate.



By 1944, many early Panthers such as this were retrofitted with new style tracks and wheels. Unfortunately, this vehicles' tracks are so heavily worn that it is difficult to determine whether they are the early "notched" links, or the later version with the diagonal chevrons. However, it would appear that at least the first dished roadwheel is the original 16 bolt style.



Robert Bracken would be very grateful for any additional information about this tank. He can be contacted at his email address RCAFSpitfire@aol.com



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