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P-40E Warhawk in China

by Alan Griffith


Curtiss P-40E-1 Warhawk
(middle aircraft) 1/Lt. Dallas A. Clinger, 16th Fighter Squadron, 23rd Fighter Group
Kweilin China, October 1942


AMtech's 1/48 scale P-40E is available online from Squadron




Here are four photographs of the Curtiss P-40E flown by 1/Lt. Dallas A. Clinger, 16th Fighter Squadron, 23rd Fighter Group at Kweilin China during October 1942.

This interesting aircraft is finished in the American equivalent of RAF temperate colors - "Dark Earth" (Tan, FS30118), "Dark Green" (Medium Green, FS34092) and Sky Gray (FS36463). The finish is faded and patchy, with large areas of a dark overspray. This is probably a fresh application of Olive Drab.



The spinner is a darker colour than either of the uppersurface colors, and clearly darker than the red in the shark's mouth marking on the lower cowl. It seems most likely that it, too, has been finished in a fresh coat of Olive Drab. A strip of fresh paint underneath the exhaust probably covers an old aircraft name.

It is interesting to note the two photos (above) differ in a number of noticeable details, including the shape of the shark's mouth, the overpainting of the old aircraft name and the color of the spinner. If they are of the same aircraft, these details must have been repainted at some stage between the photographs being taken.

This interesting aircraft is the subject of one decal option in the new 1/48 scale P-40E kit from AMtech. A full Construction Review of this kit, finished as this aircraft, can be seen by following this link.



Additional Images


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