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Mirage IIIS
Part One

by Richard Maher



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Developed specifically for the Swiss Air Force, the Mirage IIIS had a new radar made by the Hugue Aircraft company allowing the Mirage to carry the Falcon missile.

This was the only Mirage variant capable of carrying Falcon missiles instead of the Matra 530. They could also carry the Sidewinder missile.

The Mirage IIIS has a new oleo front gear allowing to raise the front of the aircraft and permitting the aircraft to get inside the caverns, made specially for the Swiss Air Force.

The Swiss Air Force bought 57 Mirages:

  • 36 Mirage IIIS

  • 18 Mirage IIIRS

  • 2 Mirage IIIBS

  • 1 Mirage IIIC (used for testing)

54 were build in Switzerland. Only the 2 IIIBS and the IIIC, came from France. They were operational from 1964.


My renderings depict the Mirage IIIS in its first years Swiss service.


Text and Images Copyright 2002 by Richard Maher
Page Created 26 November, 2002
Last updated 06 December, 2002

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