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Meteor FR.9

by Steve Murray


Meteor FR.9


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This is a Meteor FR.9 VZ608.  I believe that it is the only survivor of its mark.

This aircraft was used as a Trials aircraft throughout its life at Rolls Royce, on Reheat trials, and was last used as the test bed for the RB108 lift engine test bed.

I would like to thank the staff at Newark for letting me 'cross the barriers' and get close up for the pictures.



Meteor FR.9


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This is a shot of the upper surface of the port wing showing the deployed airbrake and flap. of interest are the fill in sections on the internal surface of the airbrake that when the brake is closed ensure that the brake presents a flat surface and the slots in the brake are filled. also the inner structure of the flap can be seen. As the FR9 is the same as the F8 from the nose backward this detail is the same on that model.
This is a detail picture of the flap area showing the flap structure.
This is an upward view of the flap area showing the wing flap attachment points and the inner wing structure under the flap,
This is a detail picture showing the port side view of the Recce nose. This nose cone design was fitted to all the Meteor recce types and could be found on the FR9 PR10 and the sole FR5. it carried a single camera that could be motored to face forward or look through either of the side window apertures as required. sometimes the side apertures were seen plated over on the PR10, just leaving the nose window.
This is the Starboard view of the nose. of interest are the gun muzzle fairings that were fitted for the trials, You can also see the intake for the RB108 lift engine behind the cockpit. the jetpipe for this is on the lower fuselage. The Nosewheel door is not fitted showing the leg structure. sharp eyes will also note that the outer wing panels are not fitted, this is for reasons of space in the Museum.
This is a head on view showing the nose camera aperture. and a vent just below it. the Gun camera is fitted on the upper surface in front of the windscreen, interestingly this was still seen on the PR 10 although guns were not fitted! Also can be seen the nose gear door actuators.


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Page Created 25 November, 2001
Last Updated 19 April, 2004

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