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Lou IV Marking Update
P-51D Mustang

by Craig Quattlebaum

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Col. Thomas J.J. Christians 'LOU IV' is well known and much discussed in nearly every type of group interested in aviation. What was not known was there was another name on the starboard side and it wasn't the same as the port side of the aircraft.

Several flying warbirds over the years painted in this scheme have included 'LOU IV' on the starboards side and one reknowned artist included it in a very desirable painting.

A couple of years ago as I began putting together an anthology of the 361st veterans one of them sent me a picture that really made me quite happy to say the least.

It was another 'flight of four' of 361st P-51s, this time with Col.Christian flying the number 4 position behind three 376th squadron (E9) P-51s and taken from the starboard side of the flight. The pic in this article is cropped out of that picture.



Not only does this show the name 'ATHELENE' but also the correct camo pattern for that side of the aircraft. The name comes from Col.Christians crew chief, S/sgt.Pete Army for either his mother or sister according to my group sorces.

I made a post about this newly found pic and was contacted by a decal maker about 3 years ago. I sent him info but nothing ever materialised and I never heard from him again. I had basicaly given up on getting a decal made for it when I was contacted by Don Fenton.

Don wanted to do it even though he was moving away from the decal business so I sent him the information. Don sent me a proof to look at and after trading a few notes he hit on something that compared very close.

I find that Don did a great job considering that the picture he was working from was not a sharply focused photo.

Here is the results of Dons effort and printed by Mike Grant.


And here is the decal as applied to a dated LOU IV build of mine. This model was built before I knew about the starboard side picture. It appears that Col.Christian is 'buzzing' my wifes flower garden out front!


The result is a decal that will update your model of LOU IV if you want to add it for the correction.
Don has these available in a limited number and the cost is $3.00 USD shipping included (US), overseas may vary.

Contact Don Fenton by email dpfenton@earthlink.com


Text & Images Copyright 2003 by Craig Quattlebaum
Page Created 01 September, 2003
Last Updated 19 April, 2004

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