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KC-135R Artwork

by Dale Jackson



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These are five pieces of work that I was priveledged to paint while I was in the USAF at Fairchild AFB in 1999.

I was a crewchief on KC-135R's at Altus AFB, OK. and at Fairchild AFB, WA. These 5 planes were based at Fairchild AFB.

I served in the USAF from 1995 to 1999 and was on reserve status until 2003.

Here is the listing (to my best knowledge these were the flights assigned to the aircraft at the time I painted

  • BLUE FLIGHT or Falcon Flight - 92d ARS - Acft. 57-1439 (92d AGS Falcon Flight noseart), Blue tailflash



  • GOLD FLIGHT- 97 ARS - Acft. 60-0337 ("City of Spokane" noseart) ****General's Bird****  Gold tailflash


  • GOLD FLIGHT - 97 ARS - Acft. 59-1470 ("Strength among the stars"), Gold tailflash


  • BLACK FLIGHT - 92d ARS - Acft. 59-1464 (92d ARS Blackhawks noseart), Black tailflash - see title image.

  • GREEN FLIGHT or Eagle Flight - 96 ARS - Acft. 58-0062 - (92 AGS Eagle Flight noseart), Green tailflash



My favorite piece was for the General of the Fairchild AFB at the time . It was on aircraft 60-0337 and was titled “City of Spokane”. It was to commemorate the relationship between the base and nearby Spokane, WA.

Model, Images and Article Copyright © 2005 by Dale Jackson
Page Created 02 August 2005
Last updated 02 August 2005

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