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JG 1 "Oasau"
Colors & Markings of Jagdgeschwader 1’s Fw 190As

By Thomas A. Tullis

Focke-Wulf Fw 190A-7
3./JG 1

Tom Tullis explored the colourful cowls of JG 1 in his recent book, "Colortech #1 - Focke Wulf Fw 190A/F/G Part 1".

In this reference article, Tom provides some additional detail and presents three new profiles, plus a modified illustration from the book.

All text and illustrations 1999 Thomas A. Tullis

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Probably the most colorful and unique unit markings ever applied to the Focke Wulf Fw 190A were JG 1’s Staffel and Gruppe markings. These recognition aids evolved over a lengthy period and much incorrect/contradictory information has been published about them. This article will attempt to clarify the evolution and use of these markings.

The practice of applying recognition markings to the cowl of the Fw 190 was not unique to JG 1. Yellow undercowls were used extensively on all fronts by mid 1941. In the summer of 1943, checkered patterns were adopted by I./JG 1 for their Fw 190As. The color combinations were to be Black/Staffel color (i.e.White for 1./JG 1, Red for 2./JG 1 and Yellow for 3./JG 1). While the cowl checks were uniform in size/position, second Staffel’s checks were in the opposite order of first and third Staffel’s.


Also documented about this time were solid colored cowls. Little information is known about these aside from the fact that the practice was not wide spread. Both White and Yellow cowls have been documented on 1./JG 1 aircraft, so Staffel color may not have been a factor.


Another enigma of this period is the Fw 190A flown by Uffz. Kunze of 1./JG 1. His aircraft featured a Yellow and Black checkered cowling (third Staffel color combination) on his first Staffel airframe. Two theories regarding this combination have been proposed. First, the cowling could have been originally a solid Yellow cowl that simply had black checks added rather than repainting the entire cowl assembly in the proper Staffel color of white. Second, the power egg (entire cowl/engine unit) could have been borrowed from a third Staffel aircraft due to engine problems.


In early to mid 1944, I./JG 1 began the transition to striped cowls. These were White/Black stripes for all Staffels, and the individual Staffel color was then painted on the spinner. The number of stripes varied among the different aircraft, and their order was often switched (i.e. where a black stripe was applied on one aircraft a white stripe was applied on another).

All known second Staffel Fw 190As with checker cowls had their rudders painted white. Most likely this was simply an added marking for recognition purposes, but the reason for using White instead of the standard Yellow is unknown as this was usually a recognition feature for aircraft operating in the Mediterranean theater.

JG 1’s Fw 190As were painted in the standard factory paint scheme of RLM 74, 75 & 76 as specified in HM-Anweisung No. 7/42. The fuselage sides often carried a soft mottle of either one or both upper surface colors with RLM 02 occasionally being used as well. The exhaust areas were often painted black, a common practice among units operating the Fw 190A.

For additional information on on the colors and markings of the Fw 190A the author recommends the reader consult ‘Colortech #1-A Quick Reference Guide to the Colors & Markings of the Focke Wulf Fw 190A/F/G Part 1’ published by Cutting Edge Modelworks.

For the history of JG 1, nothing beats Eric Mombeeks book "Defending the Reich- The History of Jagdgeschwader 1 OSEAU"



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Colortech #1-A Quick Reference Guide to the Colors & Markings of the Focke Wulf Fw 190A/F/G Part 1 by Thomas A. Tullis. Cutting Edge Modelworks, 1998.

Defending the Reich- The History of Jagdgeschwader 1 OSEAU by Eric Mombeek, various publishers.

Original materials provided by Jerry Crandall


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Special thanks to the following people for assisting either directly or indirectly with this article: Arthur Bentley, Jerry & Judy Crandall, Eddie Creek, James V. Crow, Robert Forsyth, H. ‘Bud’ Golem, David Klaus, Kathleen Tullis, David Brown and especially David Wadman.

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