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Postcard from the 2005 IPMS Nationals - Part 3

In Action


by Brett Green

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IPMS Nationals 2005 - In Action


It is now 6:30am on Saturday morning, and I will have to get ready to check out of my comfortable hotel. As always, the last three days have been a blur, and the dawn promises a busy final day at the convention.

Highlights are always hard to pick. There are so many great memories from all the conventions that I have attended. I would have to say though, in common with previous years, that the opportunity to catch up with old friends and make new ones is the best aspect of this show. And the success of the 2005 Atlanta Nationals has meant that there are more people here to catch up with than ever before!

The seminars have also been a highlight, although I have been able to attend only a precious few. Times and venues have been well signposted in the reception area, the rooms are comfortable for speakers and the audience, and technology has worked without a hitch.

The vendor room? What can one say but "wow"! More than 400 tables of kits, accessories, decals, artwork and much, much more. Truly the biggest hobby shop in the world for this four day period. It was pleasing to see more impressive new releases debut in the last few days too, including Hasegawa's 1/48 scale F/A-18F, 1/72 scale Lancaster B.I/III, and Cutting Edge's remarkable multimedia Privateer conversion.

The inaugural Dragon Expo was also an eye-opener with its huge array of collectible figures, vehicles and aicraft. The large scale dioramas and 1:1 size vehicles were especially impressive.

But the cherry on this tasty Southern cake must be the competition room. Record numbers of entries, plus impressive large-scale displays, pack the large hall. The quality of entries is as remarkable as the quantity.

The entire event has been a positive litmus test for the state of our hobby.

Congratulations to Paul Cotcher and the whole organizing committee of the IPMS USA National Convention 2005 for a smooth, enjoyable, memorable and a really big show!

Images and Article Copyright 2005 by Brett Green
Page Created 23 July 2005
Last updated 23 July 2005

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