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Postcard From The IPMS Nationals


Day Four

3 August, 2002




by Brett Green

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Final Day - IPMS Nationals 2002


The IPMS USA Nationals represents different things to different people. To some it is the opportunity to compete at the highest level. For others, a chance to visit the biggest hobby shop in the world. The excellent seminar schedule is also a good reason to visit by itself.

For me, the 2002 IPMS Nationals was mostly about the people. With so many of HyperScale's visitors living in North America, it was a wonderful opportunity to put faces and voices to a multitude of names. I had the chance to catch up to old friends, and make many new ones. I am very grateful to everyone who made this year's Nationals such an unforgettable experience for me.



More New Releases


As I moved around the Vendors' Room today, I noted more new releases. These products, and those noted over the last few days, are by no means the only new releases at the Nationals, but they will give a flavour for the high level of activity in the hobby today:


Black Box

Black Box had their 1/48 scale RF-4 Phantom conversion and cockpit sets on display. These should prove very popular with Rhino fans.

I also picked up the recent 1/48 scale T-28 Trojan and F-9F Panther cockpit sets, courtesy of Jet Set Models. These will be fully reviewed on my return.


Classic Airframes

Despite unfounded rumours, Classic Airframes is alive and well and continuing its ambitious release schedule.

Jules Bringuier from Classic Airframes was not at this year's Nationals, but he has confirmed that the next release will be the 1/48 scale Arado Ar 68 around August; followed by Polikarpov I-152 sometime after that.

He also confirmed that there are no plans to release any further full kits of the SM-79, but conversion sets are planned for the future. Jules will advise more details, including availability dates, when the time is right.


Cobra Company

Cobra Company had two brand new sets available

  • CC 44003 - 1/144 scale B-25J/H Super Detail Set with a new nose, instrument panel, sets, correct engine nacelles, canopy and nose glass: and

  • 35006 - MH/HH-60G Update and Detail Set with a new instrument panel, consoles, seats, control sticks, replacement doors and other exterior details

Full reviews of both sets will follow in the coming weeks.


Eagle Editions

Eagle Editions has released two new accessories for the Hasegawa Bf 109G in 1/32 scale that were unveiled this week at the Nationals. They are

  • #21-32 - a corrected drop tank; and

  • #23-32 - teardrop shaped ETC rack

The Me 262 slats set has been slightly delayed due to casting complications, but Eagle Editions advise that it should be available shortly.


Meteor Productions

Cutting Edge had a massive display with many recently announced conversions, detail sets and decals available.

The most impressive and innovative item was the replacement canopy of the A-4N Skyhawk conversion. This part was made from clear resin, and was absolutely crystal clear. There will be a great deal of potential for short-run clear parts if the method can be performed cost effectively.


J. Rutman Productions

Jerry Rutman brought along his brand new resin 1/32 scale P-51B Mustang. The parts are shown in the thumbnail photos below. Click the thumbnails to view larger pictures:

Rutman Productions' next release is likely to be a razorback fuselage for the P-47D in 1/32 scale.




The party is over! Thanks for keeping in touch with news at the Nationals via HyperScale.

Model, Images and Article Copyright 2002 by Brett Green
Page Created 03 August 2002
Last updated 11 August 2002

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