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January 2002 Statistics

by Brett Green


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The following statistics represent usage of HyperScale for the calendar month of January, 2002.

The statistics have been compiled for HyperScale's six main sites. These are all linked to the main HyperScale domain, and can be categorised as follows:

In addition to these domains, HyperScale also operates www.hobbyvista.com and www.anzacsteel.com . These figures have not been counted, as the content is not core HyperScale content.

Understated Statistics

The figures below do not take into account the significant caching of commonly requested pages that is typically undertaken by ISPs. The figures are likely to be understated owing to this practice.

Furthermore, the figures do not take into account the number of page views within the Discussion Groups. Last year's excursion to Network 54 suggested that an additional 1,000,000 page views per month is typical across the Discussion Groups, with the vast majority of traffic occurring on "Plane Talking".

Overstated Statistics

Due to the diversity of domain names, the "Visits" column below will be overstated. This is because most visitors will start their journey on the main page or the What's New page, then be recorded as another new visitor if they read a review on kitreview.com, or look at a Gallery on gallery02.kitparade.com .

However, the page view and download data will be valid.

In summary, HyperScale's visitors viewed more than 1.6 million pages in the month of January, with a total download of almost 120 gigabytes of data. A detailed breakdown of January statistics is supplied below:



HyperScale January 2002 Statistics


Domain Name January Visits January Page Views January Download (kilobytes)
HyperScale 266,964 510,300 17,976,261
KitReview 77,447 204,172 20,353,458
ClubHyper 161,855 464,144 16,300,844
ScaleVision 78,141 110,024 28,051,296
KitParade 95,587 338,273 32,795,671
Gallery02 23,618 40,922 4,474,141
Month Totals 703,612 1,667,835 119,951,671
Daily Averages 22,697 53,801 3,869,408


Text & Images Copyright 2002 by Brett Green
Page Created 15 February, 2002
Last Updated 19 April, 2004

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