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Heinkel He 162 Walkaround

by Norman A. Graf


Clicking on the hotspots in the image will open up a page with photos and a short description of that portion of the aircraft . Cockpit Nose Nose Landing Gear Main Landing Gear BMW-003 Jet Engine Wing Tail Fuselage


The aircraft photos were taken at the Planes of Fame air museum in Chino, California, USA.

The restored instrument panel was photographed at the Flugausstellung Junior airplane museum in Hermeskeil, Germany.

Interested readers are strongly encouraged to visit or otherwise support the museums which restore and preserve these aircraft.

The following books were used as reference for captioning information. Purchasing these books will support the authors and publishers and further the research into this and other period aircraft. Do not depend solely on information found on the internet.  

  • Aero Detail 10, Messerschmitt Me163 & Heinkel He162, ISBN 4-499-22629-5

  • Wings of the Luftwaffe, Eric Brown, Pilot Press, ISBN 1-85310-413-2

  • Heinkel He162 Volksjäger, Heinz Nowarra, Schiffer Publishing, ISBN 0-88740-478-2

  • World War Two Jet Fighters, Don Berliner, Kalmbach Books, ISBN 0-89024-041-8

  • Heinkel He162 Spatz, M. Balous & M. Bílý, MBI, ISBN 80-86524-06-X

  • Heinkel He162, David Myhra, Shiffer Publishing, ISBN 0-7643-0955-2

  • German Aircraft Interiors, Kenneth A. Merrick, Monogram Press, ISBN 0-914144-41-3

  • Cockpits deutscher Flugzeuge, Peter Cohausz, Aviatic Verlag, ISBN 3-925505-57-1


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Images Copyright 2005 by Norman A. Graf
Page Created 02 January, 2005
Last Updated 17 February, 2005

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