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Heinkel He 162A W.Nr. 120086
Last of its Kind

by Stephen Fochuk


Heinkel He 162 W.Nr. 120086


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The National Aviation Museum of Canada, located in Ottawa, boasts an impressive collection of unique, rare and historically significant airframes. When it comes to its collection of warbirds, one airframe is hardly ever mentioned.
The airframe in question is Heinkel He-162A-2, Werke Number 120086.

This little gem is in a league of its own for the simple reason that it still retains 100% of its original factory applied camouflage, only the markings have been altered. Whether or not the museum is aware of this significance or doesn't care remains a mystery.


So, if you are student of late-war German Air Force camouflage and would like to study an original specimen, then here is your chance. But, you had better be quick for rumour has it that '86 will be either restored like 120076 or traded to another museum for the simple reason that it has been erroneously judged to be of lesser importance.

Of note, '86 has been languishing in a dismantled state since the late '60s, so the plane should be reassembled in order to properly study it. Also, the cowling to the BMW 003 has been sprayed with a reddish oily wax inhibiter hence the red colour seen in a few of the images.

The national markings you see on the fuselage, the main plane and the vertical stabs are from when they were applied over the R.A.F. markings for display at Hyde Park in September 1945.

Web link: http://www.aviation.technomuses.ca/


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Main plane

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Page Created 30 December 2004
Last updated 30 December 2004

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