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F-14B Tomcat Weathering

by CAPT Dana "Smudge" Potts


Right Forward Fuselage Detail of F-14B Tomcat "112"
VF-103 "Jolly Rogers"


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I was on a cross country returning to Oceana from Whidby Island and we stopped into Hill AFB for refueling. We had to wait about an hour as 20 F-16s launched before us.



During the delay, I noticed that my jet had all the classic weathering that I see from day to day but is rarely documented up close. The following pictures speak for themselves. Of primary interest to me is the streaking from the various fasteners and rivets.

Also of note in the photos below:

  • Silicone putty used around the TCS camera.

  • Abundant spot painting wed rather area paint but current directives do not permit it.

  • Note the fasteners often these are replaced but not painted leaving the golden color of cadmium plating. The photo of the upper right intake shot shows this. The turtle back also has a whole row of unpainted fasteners but Im not certain they show up in the pics.



F-14B Weathering Close-Up


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Images Copyright 2002 by CAPT Dana "Smudge" Potts
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Last Updated 19 April, 2004

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