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F-111 in Detail

Part Two - Nozzles

by Jim Rotramel


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F-111 Nozzles


Different variants of the F-111 had different engines. The earlier F-111A, F/RF-111C, and F-111E variants had a total of about 37,000 lbs of thrust. The FB-111A/F-111G increased this to nearly 41,000 lbs, the F-111D to nearly 42,000 lbs, and the F-111F to over 50,000 lbs --one third more powerful than the original engines. When EF-111As transferred to Cannon AFB, they were fitted with the more powerful F-111D engines. Externally, all the engines looked identical, except for the F-111F engines, which had different nozzles.

The nozzle of the engine shut down first remained fully open, while the other partially closed as it lost hydraulic power before it could open again.

The FB-111A/F-111G had a different boat tail fairing from the other variants mounted between the engine exhausts.




The nozzle used by all models EXCEPT the F-111F. Notice how the real petals are essentially hinged plates. Note in the right photo how wide the burner can supports are.

Note - This is the nozzle available from Scaledown, but their petals look a bit too much like those of the F-model engines for my taste. Scaledown has you use the kitís afterburner cans, which have no internal detailing. Tubes (but without internal detailing) are included to give the afterburners depth within the fuselage.




The F-111F nozzle. Notice how the petals are similar to those used by early F-4s and are contained within the shell of the afterburner housing. Note in the right photo how narrow the burner can supports are and the darker coloration of the engine when compared with the other engines.

Note: This nozzle is available from Paragon. However, it doesnít have any depth to the afterburner within the fuselage and the petals are flush with the outside of the afterburner housing.




The boat tail used by all models except the FB-111A/F-111G (left) is compared with the FB-111A/F-111G boat tail (right).


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