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US Navy Carrier Air Wings from Operation Enduring Freedom

Kits & Decals
in 1/48 Scale

by Dave Roof


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Over the last few weeks, I have been putting together a list of decals and kits that will allow anyone to build the US Navy’s Carrier Air Wings (CVW) that were active and/or participated in Operation Enduring Freedom. These CWVs are accurate as of August 2001.  



Operation Enduring Freedom Kits in 1/48


The following is for 1/48 scale. Because there are no main stream kits of the E-2C, C-2A, and SH-60/HH-60, I have left them off of the list except to mention kits that are, were, or will be available. 

F-14A: Hasegawa, Revell-Monogram, Academy, Italeri

F-14B: Hasegawa, Italeri

F-14D: Hasegawa, Revell-Monogram 

F/A-18A: Hasegawa, Revell-Monogram

F/A-18C: Hasegawa, Revell-Monogram

F/A-18E: Italeri, Revell-Monogram (due in the fall of 2003) 

EA-6B: Airfix, Revell-Monogram (Due to be re-released in the fall of 2003) 

S-3B: AMT/ESCI/Italeri (All the same kit, different boxes and decals) 

SH-60F: Cobra Company multi-media kit (Discontinued) 

HH-60H: No known kit in 1/48 scale 

E-2C: Collect Aire just released a 1/48 multi-media kit of the Hummer  

C-2A: No known kit in 1/48 scale 

*Note: Italeri has announced a SH-60B in 1/48 scale. This should prove to be a good starting point for the SH-60F and/or the HH-60H 



Operation Enduring Freedom Decals in 1/48


Only Decal sheets with current markings (1999 and later) of the listed squadrons are provided. Some sheets may not exactly represent the respective squadron on this specific cruise, but they will get you real close. 

**This list may not be 100% accurate. This is what I have come up with in my research. If you know of something that is in error, please contact me so I can make the necessary corrections.

Decal Key

CAM = Custom Aeronautical Miniatures
ESP = Eagle Strike Productions
AMD = Aeromaster Decals
TB = Twobobs
CED = Cutting Edge
YHD = Yellowhammer
SS = Superscale


CVW-1 USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71)

VF-102                    F-14B                      CAM48098

VMFA-251            F/A-18C                 AMD48397, AMD48396 * USMC

VFA-82                  F/A-18C                 AMD48397, AMD48396

VFA-86                  F/A-18C                 CAM48073, AMD48394, AMD48395

VAQ-137                EA-6B                    CAM48090, AMD48536

VS-32                      S-3B                        AMD48573


CVW-2 USS Constellation (CV-64)

VF-2                        F-14D                     ESP48037, AMD48562

VMFA-323            F/A-18C                 AMD48562, CAM48083 * USMC

VFA-151                F/A-18C                 AMD48561

VFA-137                F/A-18C                 AMD48561

VAQ-131                EA-6B                    CAM48090

VS-38                      S-3B                        AMD48550, AMD48551


CVW-3 USS Harry S. Truman (CVN-75)

VF-32                      F-14B                      No decals available for this cruise

VMFA-312            F/A-18C                 CAM48083 * USMC

VFA-37                  F/A-18C                 SS48835

VFA-105                F/A-18C                 No decals available for this cruise (Aeromaster has some coming)

VAQ-130                EA-6B                    No decals available for this cruise

VS-22                      S-3B                        No decals available for this cruise


CVW-5 USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63)

VF-154                    F-14A                     CAM48051, AMD48511

VFA-27                  F/A-18C                 CAM48039, AMD48485, AMD48484

VFA-192                F/A-18C                 CAM48073

VFA-195                F/A-18C                 CAM48031

VAQ-136                EA-6B                    CAM48068

VS-21                      S-3B                        CAM48088, AMD48550


CVW-7 USS John F. Kennedy (CV-67)

VF-143                    F-14B                      CAM48098

VF-11                      F-14B                      TB48039

VFA-136                F/A-18C                 CED48228

VFA-131                F/A-18C                 CED48228

VAQ-140                EA-6B                    CED48207

VS-31                      S-3B                        No decals available for this cruise


CVW-8 USS Enterprise (CVN-65)

VF-41                      F-14A                     YHD48024

VF-14                      F-14A                     ESP48052, YHD48023

VFA-15                  F/A-18C                 CAM48113

VFA-87                  F/A-18C                 TB48028

VAQ-141                EA-6B                    CED48206

VS-24                      S-3B                        CAM48089


CVW-9 USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74)

VF-211                    F-14A                     No decals available for this cruise

VMFA-314            F/A-18C                 No decals available for this cruise * USMC

VFA-146                F/A-18C                 TB48036

VFA-147                F/A-18C                 CAM48114

VAQ-138                EA-6B                    No decals available for this cruise

VS-33                      S-3B                        CAM48107, CAM48573


CVW-11 USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70)

VF-213                    F-14D                     TB48031, YHD48020, ESP48052

VFA-97                  F/A-18A                TB48034

VFA-22                  F/A-18C                 TB48029, ESP48066

VFA-94                  F/A-18C                 TB48027, ESP48066, CAM48096

VAQ-135                EA-6B                    AMD48536

VS-29                      S-3B                        CAM48107


CVW-14 USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72)

VF-31                      F-14D                     AMD48618, YHD48020, YHD48026, YHD48027

VFA-115                F/A-18E                 AMD48618

VFA-113                F/A-18C                 No decals available for this cruise

VFA-25                  F/A-18C                 SS48751 (May not be correct for this cruise)

VAQ-139                EA-6B                    CED48205

VS-35                      S-3B                        TB48044


CVW-17 USS George Washington (CVN-73)

VF-103                    F-14B                      AMD48511, YHD48020, YHD48023

VFA-34                  F/A-18C                 CED48229, CAM48113

VFA-81                  F/A-18C                 CED48227, CAM48114

VFA-83                  F/A-18C                 CED48227, CED48229

VAQ-132                EA-6B                    AMD48535, CED48206

VS-30                      S-3B                        No decals available for this cruise                                    


Text & Images Copyright © 2003 by Dave Roof
Page Created 20 May, 2002
Last Updated 19 April, 2004

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