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Digital Colour Charts
for a selection of countries and standards

by William Marshall


I n t r o d u c t i o n


These colour charts will have use to modellers who would like to make their own graphic drawings and profiles but do not have the correct colours. How correct are these colours ? In computer format they are as accurate as one can get them, depending on your computers graphics card, software, printers software, monitor, etc. They will probably never be 100 % accurate. I use them on three different computers and two different printers and I am happy with the results they give me.

How does one use them ?

The files are in pdf format to stop people from changing my values. Make a printout of the files, it gives the colour, FS No if known, a colour chip, the RGB values and the CMYK values.

For example: RAF Sky (FS34502) with the RGB (166/190/168) and CMYK (27/10/30/0) values.

In a graphics package like CorelDraw one can create a colour palette by using the RGB or CMYK value. The palette can be used to colour profiles and drawings, this will constantly give one the same colour.

Any modeller who differs is welcome to send me a detailed proposal and I will evaluate the data and change mine if need be.


Colour Chart Files for Download

Click the links below to download the PDF files:

  1. Digital RAF WWII Colours

  2. Digital Luftwaffe WWII Colours

  3. Digital Italian WWII Colours

  4. Japanese IJA WWII Colours

  5. Japanese IJN WWII Colours

  6. Finnish WWII Colours

  7. BSC 381 C Colours

  8. Ministry of Aircraft Production (MAP) Colours

  9. Digital Army/Navy Aeronautical (ANA) Colours - Bulletin 157/166

  10. German Army RAL Colours






  • Airfix Magazine.

  • Fine Scale Modeller Magazine.

  • Scale Models Magazine.

  • Scale Aircraft Modelling Magazine.

  • Scale Aviation Modeller Magazine.

  • David Klaus's IPMS Color Cross-Reference Book.

  • FS595b.


Various paint manufactures colour guides

  • Humbrol

  • Testors

  • Lifecolor

  • Revell


Various Internet sites

Too many to list.


I also made use of a small programme called Microsearch ColorPicker to determine the initial RGB values. This programme is available from Internet sites which provide free software.

I will be adding colours and updating each guide from time to time. I would like to have all the FS, British, Luftwaffe, RAL, Italian, Japanese, etc colours in these handy files. Any help will be appreciated.

Coming soon: French, IJN, Australian, Russian and Finnish colours

Let the fun begin!

Text & Images Copyright 2001 by William Marshall
Page Created 13 November, 2002
Last Updated 28 February, 2024

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