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Decanting Paint
from Spray Cans
for Airbrushing

by Bill Ritter


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The introduction of Alclad II and the need to "prime" the model surface prior to applying the Alclad has led to numerous discussions regarding the proper primer.

Matt Swan and Bondo Phil Brandt (me too) have been touting the benefits of using automotive paints typically found in spray cans.

Decanting the paint from the spray can to a paint jar is necessary to use it in your airbrush. I don't recall seeing or hearing about the trick I have been using for years.



I simply take out the spray nozzle center using a compass point and replace it with a suitably sized piece of aluminum tubing. This allows better control over the amount of paint sprayed into a paint jar.



Needless to say a light touch on the spray button is required to prevent spatter.



Any paint that is decanted into a jar from a spray can should set for several minutes before it is sealed. This allows the propellant gas trapped in the paint to escape and prevent an catastrophe if you shake it before opening the jar.

I speak from a very messy experience!

I hope this helps.

Images and Text Copyright 2004 by Bill Ritter
Page Created 17 October 2004
Last updated 17 October 2004

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