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by Geoff McDonell





CF-100 Close-Up


The CF-100 was an all-Canadian designed and built all-weather fighter interceptor and formed part of our front line defense during the cold war of the 1950's. 

The photos in this group are of the CF-100 Mark 3D trainer. The more familiar CF-100 Mk. 4 and 5 are the subjects of the Hobbycraft kits. Many of the details of the Mk. 3 and later variants of the beloved "Clunk" are the same. The later marks can be identified by the larger nose radome and the de-icer slingers in the engine intakes. The subjects of these photos are the Mk. 3 held by the Museum of Flight and Transportation in Langley, B.C., and the Mk. 3D held by the Calgary Aerospace Museum in Alberta. 

The example on the pylon is held by the Nanton Lancaster Society in Alberta. 

All photos are by Geoff McDonell.



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