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English Electric Canberra
October 2005 Flying Weekend


by Brett Green

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Temora is a small town in country New South Wales, around 5 hours drive south-west of Sydney.

This rural area housed 2 EFTS (Elementary Flying Training School) as part of the Empire Air Training scheme during WWII. More than 2,000 pilots graduated to RAF and RAAF service from this school.

Today, appropriately, Temora Airport houses the most impressive collection of flying warbirds in Australia. Eight times a year, these remarkable specimens take to the air.



During their October 2005 flying weekend, the Museum's Canberra took part in this wonderful aerial exhibition.

This is an  English Electric Canberra TT.18 acquired by the Museum in 2001, and subsequently refinished in RAAF markings.


The photographs were taken with my Nikon D70 digital SLR, alternating lenses between the 24-120mm AF-S VR and my inexpensive (less than AUD$200) 70-300mm AF-G.



ISO was set to 800 for the unstabilized 70-300 lens to permit a faster shutter speed. In future, however, I will set the ISO lower to encourage a slower shutter speed. In the bright sunlight, the 1/4000 sec exposure completely stopped the propellers, with slightly surreal results for in-flight shots!

Museum Details

If you are driving between Sydney and Melbourne, a visit to Temora Aviation Museum is well worthwhile. Leave yourself an extra couple of hours for the detour to Temora, and another couple of hours for a thorough look at the Museum.

Details are:

Temora Aviation Musem
Hangar 1, Menzies Street,
Temora   NSW   2666

Phone +61 2 6977 1088

website: http://www.aviationmuseum.com.au
email: info@aviationmuseum.com.au

Check the Museum website for details of future flying days.



Additional Images


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Images and Text Copyright 2005 by Brett Green
Page Created 08 November 2005
Last updated 07 November 2005

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