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Brown's Hobby Room


by E. Brown Ryle III

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This was the computer room.

Once my little boy was on his way, it became the computer/drawing/hobby room. However, this is not the model kit storage area. That is off site, in the small bedroom closet, and comprises the top shelf to the ceiling and the complete floor of the closet up to the hanging clothes.

The white furniture was purchased in pieces and assembled at home. I think only two of the pieces were made by the same company. Everything in the room was sought out for a specific purpose, but things usually got bought based on their size or their shape. I.E., the computer bench is really a computer bench, but the small double shelf on the hobby workbench is really a shoe stand.

The one thing I found I needed most at the workbench, besides a large area to work on, was lighting. The workbench is on the wall away from the window (not that I get to do much work during the day) and in a small recess that would otherwise be a closet. So it is naturally darker than the rest of the room, more-so when I'm sitting at the chair blocking the available light. I've got three lights, one with a magnifying lens. The brunt of the lighting is to my left. I'm left-handed and this arrangement works pretty well for me.



The areas under the workbench and the side bench are full. My air tank is in the back right corner under the display cabinet and the hose runs under the bench to the two air brushes on the left side of the work area. In front of the CO2 tank are my resin parts, contained in many small tins.

The twin shelf on the left side of the workbench is where I try to keep as much of my working tools as possible. As I said, I'm left-handed and this arrangement works pretty well for me. I try to keep only what items I need to on the shelves, this helps keep the shelves tidy and also helps keep me focused on the model.

The small display cabinet does not have much in it. I've given away most all my models. Several went to a museum, a few to friends. This is all that's left. The two old Monogram Fw190 and Me109E kits are originals, still in the wrapper. They remind me of my misspent youth with tube glue and Testors enamel paint.

The drafting table is used both for drawing and hobby work. It has a heavy glass surface, a ledge at the bottom to catch whatever starts toward the floor, and one attached light, usually supplemented with another light when work is conducted.

My book case counter top is full. So are all the book case cabinet drawers. So is the small bookcase to the left of the drawing table. So are the two bookcases in the den -- but we won't go into that...... Did I mention I bought another book today?

You may have noticed the walls of the room. I don't like boring walls. I like interesting walls. Everything is mine, hung there by me. The family has nothing in the hobby room hanging on the walls.

My taste in art is not as eclectic as it might first appear. My print and photo collecting falls into three categories: aircraft, comics, and girls. Pretty simple.

The prints and photos vary greatly in price. The primary criteria of their being displayed is that I like them.
The small Batman and Robin is the only original piece in this room, a Shelly Moldoff in pen and colored ink on paper. The large Batman and Robin with villains is a signed artist's proof (AP) by Bob Kane. The "Cowgirl" is a Dave Stevens (Rocketeer). And yes, the B&W Marilyn photo is a Milton Green. :-)
After these photos were taken, I hung a "Cadillacs and Dinosaurs" that Mark Schultz added a bit of work to over the computer screen where The Shadow was originally. (I've included an additional photo.) I moved a few prints around and amazingly, everything still fit, so I was a really happy modeler.



Most of my hobby work occurs at night after the house has settled down. I use the computer to play CDs while I work. When a CD is over, I get up and replace it. This helps me keep track of time at the workbench. Which is good. It helps me go to bed a 11PM and not 2AM.

Thanks for looking. I hope something you've seen here will give you an idea on how to use or improve your hobby space.



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Text & Images Copyright 2003 by E. Brown Ryle III
Page Created 21 June, 2003
Last Updated 19 April, 2004

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