DAP Beaufighter 21 In Detail

by Brett Green


DAP Beaufighter 21


A Detailed Photo Walkaround Including 44 Images




    Beaufighter 21 in Detail - Photo Walkaround

        1. Cockpit (13 Images)
        2. Fuselage (10 Images)
        3. Main Undercarriage (5 Images)
        4. Empennage and Tailwheel (3 Images)
        5. Wing Detail (5 Images)
        6. Engines and Nacelles (8 Images)



I n t r o d u c t i o n


Australia is fortunate to have at least two restored Beaufighters. One resides at the Moorabbin Air Museum in Melbourne, Victoria and another at Camden Museum of Aviation located near Narellan on the south-western outskirts of Sydney, New South Wales. Camden also holds a Beaufighter nose section that was never attached to a complete aircraft. All of these items are quite complete and in good condition, although the engines on the Camden machine are not Beaufighter powerplants.

I am particularly grateful to the staff of Moorabbin Air Museum for their assistance and comprehensive access to their beautifully restored Beaufighter. The collection at Moorabbin includes a wide range of rare and interesting aircraft and is well worth a detour if you are visiting Melbourne.

The Museum is located at the corner of First Street and Second Avenue, Moorabbin Airport, Mentone, and is open seven days a week. More information may be obtained from their website at http://www.netspace.net.au/~gridleys/mam/default.html

The collection at Camden is less well organised but is also packed full of treasures. A large shed houses a Vultee Vengeance, a Meteor F.8, Avro Anson, Firefly, Gannet, Tiger Moth and many other aircraft and artifacts in various states of repair.



Beaufighter 21 in Detail


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All photos and captions Copyright 1999 Brett Green.


1. Cockpit (13 Images)

The view of the pilot's cockpit standing at the top of the crew boarding ladder
The control column and instrument panel
Starboard pilot's console
Port pilot's console
Throttle quadrant. The orange device is a locking mechanism for the control column
Radio at rear of fuselage 
View of cabin ceiling looking forward from crew boarding ladder
Ceiling looking straight up from boarding hatch
Detail view of starboard sidewall
Stowage bin for radio operator behind boarding ladder
Port sidewall looking forward
Sidewall detail


2. Fuselage (5 Images)

Serial A8-186 at Camden Museum of Aviation
Nose details of A8-186. This is a restored aircraft that probably did not carry these markings in service 
Some wing and engine nacelle fairings are missing
Another nose, this time a "presentation assembly" for a retiring foreman at Chullora Workshops. Note the detail of the big Sperry autopilot bulge and intake scoop
Rear fuselage


3. Main Undercarriage Bay  (5 Images)

Main gear leg of the Moorabbin Beaufighter
Main gear leg of the Camden Beaufighter. Note the different tyre tread pattern
Pressed metal structural detail inside main gear door (Camden)
Wide view of main gear bay detail (Moorabbin)
Long view of main gear bay detail (Moorabbin)



4. Empennage and Tailwheel (3 Images)

Tailwheel detail (Moorabbin)
Underside of the big elevators. Note the actuator, trim tab and missing lower fuselage fairing
Rudder hinge and actuator detail



5. Wings (5 Images)

Air intake and two gun ports on starboard wing
landing lights, rocket mounting stubs and machine gun ports on port wing
Landing light detail
Forward rocket stub detail
Details of rear rocket mounting stubs



6. Engines and Nacelles (8 Images)

Engine nacelle (Moorabbin)
Crankcase and cylinder detail
Cooling flap detail with actuator and interior detail visible
Small intakes in the front of forward exhaust cover
Starboard hedgehog exhaust including detail of rear mount. Note cap on end of exhaust
Starboard hedgehog exhaust - wider view
Port side hedgehog exhaust. Note alternate cap arrangement
Engine nacelle to wing join. Note gap at leading edge and small scoop


Additional Beaufighter Resource


Pete Myring's "Beaufighter Strike Squadrons" website has a large volume of resource that will be interesting to any Beaufighter fans out there. The website includes original wartime photos, museum pictures, history and links.

You can view "Beaufighter Strike Squadrons" by following this link.


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