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Alclad II

by Malcolm Allen


Alclad II In Action



D e s c r i p t i o n   


Having seen several references to the availability of Alclad on HyperScale I thought the following information would be of interest. 

The original Alclad, which was renowned for metallic colours and its durability, is no longer available. However after considerable research and development a completely new Alclad has been produced, and will be known as Alclad II



It is many times finer in particulate content and is capable of giving a better metal finish which can be masked within minutes of application and can be oversprayed with most of the popular paints on the market for the modeller. 

It is for airbrush application only, straight from the 30ml bottle. Compressor pressure needs to be no more than 10psi. 

Alclad II is available at present in four shades:

  • Bright Aluminium, 
  • Dural, 
  • Shaded Aluminium, 
  • Gold/brass

Work is also in progress to produce High Shine Aluminium, which will be available soon. The cost of a 30ml bottle of Alclad II is 3.99 plus P&P





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Models, Description and Images Copyright 2000 by Malcolm Allen
Page Created 07 January, 2000
Last Updated 18 May, 2001

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