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CF-18 Airshow 2001
410 Sqn CAF

by Steve Sauve

CF-18 410 Sqn CAF


images by Cpl Chris Bentley,
AETE Photo Section
and Steve Sauve




This is the same jet as the Millenium CF-18, 188796. Conventional scheme of FS 35237 over 36375. Bright Red and Yellow trim (no FS numbers - commercial aircraft paint ordered for this project)

The other side of the tail is a painting of a Boulton-Paul Defiant, which was 410's first operational aircraft. Cockpit codes are 60 * RA; for 60 years of service and 410's WW2 Sqn codes.



The aircraft is also carrying the title 410 City of Saint John Squadron, just aft of the fuselage codes on both sides. This also harkens back to the WW2 custom of 'twinning' an RCAF Sqn with a city/town in Canada.



CAF roundels on both upper wings, brown/white leaping cougar on LEX fences, orange serial number.

A CF-18B will also be painted in this scheme in April or so. It will be essentially identical to this one except that the port tail will be a DH Mosquito, and the starboard will be a CF-1010 Voodoo.



Needless to say this jet probably won't be flying Maple Flag trips, unless the pilot is very keen on honing his air-to-air fighting abilities!



Colour Scheme design by Mr Jim Belliveau, 410 Sqn Graphic Artist and member of IPMS Cold Lake.

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Text Copyright 2001 by Steve Sauve
Aerial images by Cpl Chris Bentley, AETE Photo Section; Ground shots by Steve Sauve
Images are Crown Copyright 2001 by Cold Lake Photo Section, 4 Wing, CAF
Page Created 22 March, 2001
Last Updated 18 May, 2001

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